Another Look
    6.7 > 16.9.2017

    The exhibition titled ANOTHER LOOK, curated by Giovanna Fazzuoli, illustrates street fashion as a means of expressing one’s identity and social and political claims. From the Congolese dandys of Brazzaville to the metal cowboys of Gabrone, the young Johannesburg dancers, and the creatives of Nairobi and Dakar, Tamagni has captured the immediacy and spontaneity of these fashion tribes.

    In this extensive reportage from various countries in Africa, Tamagni has portrayed phenomena of eccentric resistance and political claim trough fashion. The identity of these fashion tribes is represented in different contexts in which a deeply rooted popular subculture is born, one that at once snubs its nose at colonial and Western culture while drawing from a great well of creativity.

    The intimacy of these portraits testifies to the strong relationship of mutual trust that Tamagni was able to establish with the subjects he photographed: “This strong relationship gave him the chance to get to the roots of this phenomenon and realize vital shots with the eyes of a trusted person, immersed in a microcosms that is difficult to understand and to be admitted into” (Paul Goodwin, formee Curator at Tate Gallery, London)

    Between globalization and tradition, desire for emulation and social affirmation, spontaneity and artifice, individual creativity and reinterpretation, the fashion tribes claim their identity in the everyday reality, one that Tamagni was able to see from a different perspective, challenging all stereotypes.


    Daniele Tamagni
    Afrometals - 2012
    Daniele Tamagni
    Coumbelle Kane, Dakar - 2011
    Daniele Tamagni
    Lalhande the young - 2007
    Daniele Tamagni
    The Smarteez - 2012
    Daniele Tamagni
    The Smarteez
    Joburg style battles series - 2012

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