Qui, altrove
17.10 > 11.1.2014

Appreciated for decades at international level and exhibited for the first time in Italy in a such vast and organic way, the photographs exposed in the retrospective are the result of Pentti Sammallahti’s forty years of work in forty different countries, a work whose aim is to show with simplicity and accuracy the joys and the mysteries of the world.
Defined, among other things, as “the photographic music of an animal lover” Sammallahti’s work surprises and fascinates for the amazing ability to blend the extreme accuracy of the composition with the inscrutable laws of fate.
Animals, people, landscapes, glimpses of nature and cities that all add up to a visual symphony capable of grasping, with a black and white crisp narrative power, true unique moments described with intensity, irony, sometimes even comedy.
There are more than 150 works of various sizes (from 9×12 to 60×90 cm) on display at the Galleria del Cembalo and they constitute a broad overview of the work of one of the protagonists of contemporary photography: photos that show with conviction and genius how describing nature is, each time, also an opportunity of describing ourselves.
Qui, altrove will also be the occasion to present the book of the same name published by Peliti Associati: the only retrospective volume of Pentti Sammallahti’s work, cured in every detail by the very photographer, whose value is recognized in all countries in which it was published – France, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and Finland.


Pentti Sammallahti
Helsinki, Finland, 1992
Gelain Silver Print
20x25 cm