Tommaso Vitiello

Tommaso Vitiello (Mercogliano, Avellino, 1992).
In 2016 he graduated in Faculty of Arts and Cultural Heritage with a thesis in Criticism and Methodology of the History of Art. Following a training in photography and lighting at the biennial masterclass of the Manovalanza theater company, he began a career as a set photographer. Since 2015 he has been part of KAOS PRODUZIONI, a multidisciplinary working group that deals with the design and implementation of multimedia, scenographic and exhibition projects. Since 2018 he has been responsible for the photographic and video documentation FOODISTRIBUTION, a scientific and artistic research project. He was part of the team for the photographic digitization of the cultural heritage of the Real Bosco and Capodimonte Museum in Naples.

Epifanie/03 – LAB/per un laboratorio irregolare
Curated by Antonio Biasiucci
27.4 > 14.5.2022