Doppio gioco
24.1 > 29.3.2014

“Doppio gioco” (Double game): an adjective and a noun. If you analyse each word separately they have a very precise meaning but if you put them aside the analysis becomes less certain, almost ambiguous. At a first glance, it suggests a wilful deception or, in a broad sense, a game played by two.
Both solutions apply perfectly to the way in which Giovanni Gastel and Toni Thorimbert conceived the exhibition’s visual proposal. At a distance, they played a game of two, reflecting upon each other’s portfolio and photographic experiences carried out and nurtured during the years.
They secretly realized a double game by using the fashion’s world to create creative exercises that find their origin in other areas. Specifically they borrowed and blended languages and grammars and they inflected the genre’s syntax, in an improper and inappropriate way. They used cross references, fusion, irony and appeal.
They kept themselves on the verge of the allowable, contaminating the possible with the impossible, good taste with bad one, classicism with the baroque. In an exercise in which the borders are not the extreme limit but the starting point and the beginning of a new creative process, they aimed to transform their work in game, achieving their goal. In a double, shared game.

Giovanna Calvenzi


Giovanni Gastel
Vogue España (Lynne) 1990
Giovanni Gastel
Untitled (Gina) 1992
Giovanni Gastel
Toni Thorimbert (ritratto da Giovanni Gastel, 1987)
Toni Thorimbert
Portogallo 1994
Toni Thorimbert
Lanzarote 2009
Toni Thorimbert
Giovanni Gastel (ritratto da Toni Thorimbert, 1985)
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