Antonio Biasiucci

Pasquale Autiero

Ciro Battiloro

Valentina De Rosa

Maurizio Esposito

Ivana Fabbricino

Vincenzo Pagliuca

Valerio Polici

Vincenzo Russo

14.6 > 15.9.2017

LAB/for an irregular laboratory is a project by Antonio Biasiucci started in 2012 in response to the need of creating a pathway for young artists in which is given a method of constant deepening and criticism of their own work, totally free. After the first edition, the project continued for two years around a table, in Antonio Biasiucci’s studio, where the photographer collected, shared and developed the young artist’s works.

Antonio Biasiucci writes: “Today I return what I was given, because it wouldn’t make sense that it would be only me to be saved. I provide my knowledge, so that some others can be given space, time and possibility to experience good photography by means of a laboratory inspired by Antonio Neiwiller, Neapolitan theatre director departed 20 years ago, that I consider my master. The Laboratory produces essential images, in which the author can find a part of himself; images open to the other”. The project applies to photography the theatre method of Neiwiller. Not a school properly speaking, but a path in which the educational process turns to life and the training is not an end in itself but “an incentive to tickle the inner strings of thought and emotion, so that they become pure epiphanies reduced to the very essence” (Leo de Berardinis).

“As the action of the actor performing on the stage – explains Giovanni Fiorentino, who presents the fundamentals and the action of the Laboratory – is reduced to the essence, in the same way in the irregular laboratory the formation trip takes the photographer to see inside himself, looking for a deep performance, worked out by removal, which transforms the object of the research itself in universal subject. Biasiucci puts around the table eight heterogeneous experiences of life and photography, selecting them between more than a hundred according to the quality of the competence and of the research. Around that table photography becomes a connecting and exchange instrument, shared learning and significant relationship”.

That’s why the works of the irregular laboratory are always “Epiphanies” having heterogeneous form and content. Independent looks, led by the same method which puts together eight life experiences and photographic researches. Pasquale Autiero recounts about the hopeless contradictions of Southern Italy between the profane and the sacred, Ciro Battiloro about life in the district Sanità in Naples, Valentina De Rosa about people with severe disability, Maurizio Esposito of a soul geography, Ivana Fabbricino about the perception of oneself through the self-portrait, Vincenzo Pagliuca about houses on the edge of space, Valerio Polici tells us of a journey in his imagery, Vincenzo Russo ponders the reproducibility of artworks.

This is how Biasiucci speaks about his Irregular Laboratory: “Being part of the Laboratory does not mean becoming an artist, it is rather an attempt to figure out what is important; it helps distinguishing between fundamental and ephemeral, acquiring a forma mentis, a functional method to create a photography which doesn’t lie. Indeed, a photography of ourselves. The Laboratory does not favour one genre, on the contrary, it is aiming for its deletion. Solely one’s point is privileged, which can possibly require more than one genre to communicate it. It helps to understand that sharing, dialogue, interaction are fundamental to nourish the growth, teaching to have courage to stand naked, being aware that it’s the only possible way”.

From June 7th to July 30th, a table 15 meters long, designed by Giovanni Francesco Frascino, with the eight book-portfolio of the LAB, lightened by one long light strip, welcomes the visitors in the church of Santa Maria della Misericordia ai Vergini, called La Misericordiella.

The eight works Epifanie 02 are published in a catalogue curated by Antonio Biasiucci, Peliti Associati Editions.


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