Second Visions
12.2 > 21.3.2020

The title of the exhibition comes from the way movies once were presented in the cinema halls in our Country. One could see a movie as soon as it came visible – called first vision – and after several months there was a second vision, which was an occasion to appreciate again a good movie or to see it for the first time, in case one had lost the first launch.
In the same way, this exhibition shows a selection of works that were extensively viewed in the past in the gallery. They are now proposed again in relation with one another, following possible similarities and theme connection.

Distributed in three different rooms, the show proposes new insights for possible collections: the Snow, the Still Life, the Self-Portrait and the Staged Photography. The snow is everywhere in the dreaming images by the Finnish photographer Pentti Sammallahti and in those by Cig Harvey; it becomes the scenery for abandoned industrial or military structures in Russia, survived to the Cold War, in the work by Danila Tkacenko and last it is the snow creating the suspended ambience for the characters of the series Wilder Mann by the French author Charles Fréger. The Still Life is represented by the sophisticated compositions by Christopher Broadbent and by the female reflections in everyday’s objects in the photographs by Alain Fleischer.
Three rare “Short Stories” by Paolo Ventura face one another with the surreal situations created by Gilbert Garcin, suggesting the countless possibilities of the Self-Portrait and of the Staged Photography.



Christopher Broadbent
Scullery II

cm 50x70 ca. ed. 3/4 Archival pigment print
Alain Fleischer
Charles Fréger
Peluche, Empaillé, Svizzera, 2010-2011
Archival Pigment Print
101x77 cm
Cig Harvey
Scout During Skylar, 2018
Chromogenic dye coupler print
51 x 41 cm, Edition of 10
Pentti Sammallahti
Helsinki, Finland, 1992
Gelain Silver Print
20x25 cm
Danila Tkachenko
Il più grande sottomarino diesel.
Russia, Regione di Samara

Paolo Ventura
The Magician
Edition of 5 + 1 AP 7 Archivial pigment prints, cm 60x40 (60x280)